Publications of The Church of England (Continuing)

Publications of The Church of England (Continuing)

The Journal of the C of E (C)The Continuing Church publishes a Journal, which is posted out three times a year to subscribers. This 32 page A5 magazine contains a variety of articles by different writers. It is available free of charge, though contributions towards postage costs are appreciated. If you would like a sample copy, please click here to provide us with your details.

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Thoughts on the Genesis of the Earth
From time to time other items are published. At present we are offering a booklet entitled “Thoughts on the Genesis of the Earth” by Bishop David Samuel. In this short work he presents arguments from science and nature against the findings of evolution and geology. It costs £1.00 including postage (£1.50 overseas). If you would like a copy, please click here.


We also publish a Prayer Letter for supporters, called Intercessions. If you would like to be added to the list of people who receive this, please click here.



The Church in Crisis

Rt Rev Dr David N Samuel, MA, PhD

The Church in CrisisFew people today can fail to be aware that there is a crisis of faith in the Church of England and in the Anglican Communion generally. They may however be unclear as to the cause of it, and unsure of what it means. In this book the author lays bare the real causes, which relate not to peripheral matters, but to fundamental matters of faith and practice.

Until fairly recently the Church of England had a definite identity. Its worship was expressed through the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer (1662); its doctrine was defined by the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion; and its clergy were ordained according to the Ordinal of the Book of Common Prayer (1662). The word of God was read in the congregation from the Authorised Version of the Bible. Little if anything of this now remains. It has been swept away by the changes of recent times. We believe that with it has gone not just the identity of the Church of England, but the message of the Gospel itself, the doctrinal and moral teachings which are essential to the spiritual and moral health and well-being of the nation.

This led, in 1994, to the setting up of the Church of England (Continuing). As the author of this book explains, this was no innovation but a simple adherence to the position of the Church of England, while the church at large seceded from it. “It is better,” as someone has said, “to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.” And a candle, though small, when it is lit is capable of “giving light to all that are in the house.”

We take its tenth Anniversary as an opportunity for making the position of the Church of England (Continuing) better known, and we hope that those who read this book may be persuaded to identify with it. The months and years ahead are times when Christians will be compelled to face the questions discussed in this book and decide where they stand.

To obtain your copy of ‘The Church in Crisis’ please complete our online order form and send a cheque for £3.95 (£5.50 from abroad) payable to ‘The Association of the Continuing Church’. Please inscribe ‘Church in Crisis’ on the reverse of your cheque and post to:

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