The Journal of the Church of England Continuing

The Journal of The Church of England Continuing 

The Journal has been published several times per year since 1995.

Over the years the Journal has contained many immensely helpful articles.

These included introductory letters from the bishops which very beautifully set forth the determination of the Church of England Continuing to be free from the mischief and guile that has so spoilt the Church of England.

Other articles include many important subjects written from a clear forthright and biblical standpoint.

It is hoped that the archive of editions will shortly be restored to the new main website.

Rev Philip LIEVESLEY addressed the Free Church of Scotland Continuing General Assembly in Glasgow on Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

The Midlands Conference with our guest preacher Pastor Pooyan Mehrshahi from Cheltenham.

January 2024 This World is God's World - Edition 10-  News and Views from a Christian Perspective

The Church of England Continuing is expected to hold a day conference on 14th October 2023 to consider the subject "The Fatherhood of God". 

The Church of England Continuing General Assembly 1stJuly 2023

General Assembly: Saturday 1st July 2023

On Saturday 27th May 2023 Dr David Allen gave a heartwarming address at a service of thanksgiving for the Holy Trinity congregation of the Church of England Continuing located in  Frinton upon Sea, Essex.