Pathetic Bishops!

February 2022

It has been reported in the Church Times that the previous Bishop of Chester, Peter Forster, has perverted to the Church of Rome. Typically, Forster was against certain liberal morality moves of the Church of England but in favour of others. Some Evangelical pressure groups carelessly accepted Forster among them as they did Michael Nazir-Ali, another bishop who recently perverted to Rome.

Wolves Amongst Sheep

It is vital that the church discerns wolves among the flock. Such may speak well on some moral matters but they neither preach a clear Gospel nor reject the false teaching of Rome.

Rome lacks the vital message of the Protestant Reformation that Justification is by grace alone through faith alone in the finished sacrifice of Christ alone. Therefore Church of England clergy who do not reject the Roman Catholic Church have no place in what the Church of England should be.

With bishops like this undermining the Protestantism of the Church of England it is vital that there is a church outside the formal structures of the Church of England.

We encourage readers to come out from that terribly compromised denomination and join the Church of England Continuing

The Church of England (Continuing)

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This World is God's World

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"Those who left to form the Church of England (Continuing) in 1994 believed that when Evangelicals remained in the Church of England after the ordination of women contrary to the Bible, they seared their consciences. Yes, there were measures for parishes which did not want to ordain women but essentially the Church of England had become a church against the Bible and against God. To remain in such a church was a sin." English Churchman, edition 8032, 19th July 2019. English Churchman 2004-2021 Archive available with free access from link at

This World is God's World 

This World is God's World